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How Earth-Friendly is Glass?

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A lot of people don’t see glass as being environmentally friendly–particularly when dealing with bits of broken glass which can potentially be damaging or dangerous to somebody. Instead, a lot of people opt for plastics as opposed to glass because it is more lightweight, less bulky, and able to easily be crushed to conserve space and recycle. However, even recycling plastic causes a significant amount of petroleum, making glass a much more earth-friendly option than the standard plastic bottles we see everywhere.


Glass is something that can be infinitely recycled. It can be re-used in its whole state (whether it is a glass mason jar for food storage, glass bowls, or even drinking glasses) AND it can be recycled to be made into something else out of glass–all while using far less petroleum than its plastic counterpart. Thanks to advances in science and technology and its promotion by a glass firm in Sydney, Australia, it is also frequently used as an energy-saving component in homes, cars, and everyday life. In fact, where glass used to be considered an energy vampire (consider drafty old windows in winter months and greenhouse effects in the summer months), they are now created in ways that make them energy efficient AND recyclable when they have exceeded their life-spans.



While Australia still has some work to do in order to be considered a leader in glass recycling, the fact that two out of eight states and territories offers refund on returned bottles is a testament to its commitment to being kinder to Mother Earth. Of course, there is still a long way to go, but a quarter of the states and territories is a start. By encouraging the use of glass more regularly, awareness can be raised about the benefits of recycling it, and hopefully before too long we can eliminate much of the plastic waste that is being cast into our environment.

How To Clean Your Bathroom

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The restroom, alongside the kitchen, ought to be the cleanest room in the house. Be that as it may, a large number of us keep the washroom for last as it can be a sickening area to clean. You might need to buy many more strong cleaning products only for this room. In any case, in the event that you have the right items or not, if you don’t know how to clean a bathroom the best way possible , you’ll invest more energy cleaning than you need to.


Prior to any cleaning to be done, and this goes for any room, it must be free of clutter. Evacuate every filthy material, towels and rugs. Stash away items that may have been forgotten. If your shower has a great deal of soap scum build up, you can splash down the shower with a soap scum remover and let it carry out its work while you tidy up the bathroom.


This gives sufficient time for the chemicals in the product to do what it is intended to do. Since the shower takes a great deal of time to clean, begin here first. Clean the fixtures, walls and the spot you are standing on. Bear in mind the shower screens and curtains. When done, wash the shower well to clean up all the chemicals that were applied and any germs and dirt that was removed.

Figuring out how to clean a washroom might vary from family to family, but all that really matters is still the same, you have to do it regularly and it should be spotless. Once the shower/tub area has been cleaned, whatever is left of the room is a breeze.


Next dust racks and knickknacks, clean the mirrors, and wipe down doors, moldings, apparatuses and baseboards working your way from close to the ceiling down to the floor. Thereafter, clean the sink and counter and you are done!